• $129.98

    The plug and play kit that was meant for your Segway! Applicable Models: UT10, UT10 Crew, UT10X (2023+) Check out our install video here

  • $349.99

    The plug and play kit that was meant for your Segway!  This is the one and only answer to making your 2022 Fugleman or UT10 S model complete with working turn signals and hazard flashers. Check out our turn signal kit install here Check out the headlight and taillight install here

  • $59.99

    The OEM tool designed to thread into the secondary clutch allowing you the space needed to change a belt. Designed to fit all Segway Powersports late 2023+ Villain and UT10 models. Check out our install video here

  • $274.99

    Fill in the lower opening to your Villain doors in perfect style!  These lower doors are specifically designed to fit with your OEM Segway Villain doors. Designed to fit all 2023+ Villain models. Check out our install video here

  • $299.95

    Total Protection with a Segway Villain Full WindshieldWhen you’re racing across the dunes, you need reliable defense from bugs, debris, and sand. Upgrade your cab protection with SuperATV’s Segway Villain Scratch-Resistant Full Windshield to get a more comfortable ride. It’s treated with our XR Optic Hard Coating for extreme scratch resistance. Protects your cab Made with superior parts Extreme polycarbonate strength Scratch-resistant coating Preinstalled Bulb Seals and Premium ClampsYou need a windshield that can handle a beating. That’s why we build our Segway windshield with premium clamps and preinstalled bulb seals. The bulb seal prevents sand, dirt, or rain from entering your cab and gives you a quiet, rattle-free ride.Made with Tough PolycarbonateWe use durable polycarbonate for our Villain windshield. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass and 25 times stronger than acrylic. Flying rocks and debris don’t stand a chance against poly.XR Optic Hard CoatingWe’ve upgraded this Segway windshield even further with our XR Optic Hard Coating. It adds scratch resistance and durability. It also prevents yellowing or fading over time.Decades of ExperienceYou can trust SuperATV because we’ve been building and designing windshields for over 20 years. We have the experience and know-how needed to make incredible products you can rely on—just ask our tens of thousands of happy customers all over the country.

  • $139.98

    The plug and play kit that was meant for your Segway! Applicable Models: Villain SX10, SX10 W (2023+)

  • $174.95

    Full Protection with a Segway Villain Rear WindshieldWhen you’re flying along sandy trails, your cab becomes a swirling tornado of dust. That’s why you need SuperATV’s Segway Villain Rear Windshield. It stops the suction caused by a front windshield alone and protects your backside from flying debris—while keeping dirt out of your mouth. Light tint reduces glare Made of 1/4" polycarbonate Eliminates suction from a front windshield Built to LastWe built this Segway Villain rear window to last. Every bracket is expertly designed for a secure fit. Our preinstalled bulb seals prevent rattling, shaking, and leaks—no water or dust is getting past this Villain rear windshield.Durable 1/4” PolycarbonateOur 1/4” polycarbonate construction is tough. Poly is 25 times stronger than acrylic and 250 times stronger than glass, making it incredibly impact resistant. If you want a Segway rear windshield that can roll with the punches, you’ve found it.Made by ExpertsWhen it comes to windshields, you can trust SuperATV. With more than 20 years of experience designing and producing windshields, we know our stuff. And our fast, free shipping is totally unbeatable.

  • $149.95

    Enhance Your Segway Villain ExperienceLove your Segway Villain but wish it had a windshield? Our SuperATV Half Windshield offers the perfect solution. It provides the best of both worlds, keeping you connected to the outdoors while offering protection from the elements. Our clever design redirects airflow keeping you comfortable even at high speeds. Plus, it’s simple to install and adds a sleek touch to your ride. Diverts airflow for a more comfortable ride Made with durable polycarbonate Experience Comfortable Riding ConditionsTired of wind and debris spoiling your ride? Our Segway Villain windshield is designed to provide maximum comfort without compromising visibility. It shields you from harsh winds and trail debris without obstructing your view of the trail ahead. Even on hot days, it allows enough airflow to keep you cool. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking enhanced comfort and protection without altering the essence of their ride.Tailored to Your Villain’s StyleLike the way your Villain looks? Our windshield is constructed to complement it perfectly. Precision-cut to match your rig’s contours, it blends seamlessly with your machine’s sleek, automotive styling. Crafted from durable polycarbonate and easy to install, it ensures you’ll be hitting the trails in style in no time.

  • $499.95

    A Versatile Flip Windshield for the Segway Villain Don’t let the weather ruin you ride. With SuperATV’s Segway Villain Scratch-Resistant Flip Windshield, you get full control of in-cab comfort—no matter the weather. Our unique latching mechanism lets you go from a fully open windshield to fully closed or vented in just seconds. Versatility for all riding conditions Made with superior parts Constructed with 1/4” polycarbonate Scratch-resistant coating Total Control over AirflowEnjoy every ride with a Segway Villain flip windshield. You can use it in three different positions: fully closed, fully opened, and vented. Our secure latching mechanism makes it easy to change position without leaving the cab. The latching mechanism blocks access to the compartment where the fuse block and winch remote plug are located. In response, we altered the design—the mechanism uses thumb screws for quick and easy removal. That’s just one of a million ways we’re thinking about you—our customer.Durable Struts and Preinstalled Bulb SealsOur flip windshield for the Segway Villain is made with the highest quality parts. The foam gaskets and preinstalled bulb seals mean no wind or rain will work their way into the cab. The durable clamps and latches give you a quiet, rattle-free ride. And our robust gas struts hold the windshield secure, so it won’t bounce around or flop down even on the roughest rides.Built with Durable PolycarbonateWe use ultra-tough 1/4” polycarbonate for this Segway windshield. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass and 25 times stronger than acrylic, making it perfect for off-road use.Protected with XR Optic Hard CoatingThis flip windshield for the Segway Villain is even better thanks to our XR Optic Hard Coating. It protects against scratches, marks, and fading. That means this windshield will stay looking new for years to come.

  • Segway Villain Speaker Segway Villain Speaker

    Introducing the Segway Powersports Bluetooth Speaker, your ultimate companion for adventure! Engineered to elevate your outdoor experience, this rugged yet sleek speaker is designed to withstand the toughest terrains while delivering unparalleled sound quality. Its compact and durable design that fits under the roof on your factory cage makes it easy to mount on your vehicle. This speaker is equipped with a factory 3 port plug compatible with the Villain Bus Bar optional accessory.  Plus, with its water and dust-resistant construction, rest assured your speaker will withstand the elements, keeping the music pumping through every adventure. Experience the fusion of innovation and performance with the Segway Powersports Bluetooth Speaker. Elevate your ride and immerse yourself in the soundtrack of your journey like never before! THIS PRODUCT QUALIFIES FOR FREE SHIPPING!